Anselmian Preview Day

Pick a Day to Visit
Every Anselmian Preview Day is carefully crafted specially for you.  Because each visit requires customization, please choose a day you know you will be able to come visit.  To ensure that we are able to create your schedule in a timely manner, we also ask that you choose a day that will fall at least 2 weeks after the time of registration. Thanks!

We will not be offering Anselmian Preview Days on the following dates due to school breaks, Admission Office events and holidays:
February 17th - February 21st
March 2nd - 6th 
April 3rd
April 9th - 13th

The last date available for an Anselmian Preview Day is Friday, April 17th. 

Admitted nursing students are highly encouraged to sign up for a Tuesday or Thursday, if they are interested in going to Intro to Professional Nursing with a current freshman nursing student.

Unavailable / Filled
Not Scheduled